Design as Change-tool: Political

Republican, democrat, libertarian, independent, septuagenarian…however you vote, set those filters aside and consider the role of design in your government.

As a part of the Creative Citizenship initiative, AIGA Chattanooga is hosting “We Helped Obama Win,” an evening with Josh Higgins, the Director of Design and Daniel Ryan, the Director of Front End Development of President Obama’s recent campaign.

Whether you voted for Obama or Romney…whether you voted at all..Barack Obama is president. Design played a crucial role in his campaign’s efforts to rally like-minded voters.

Individuals aside, design is crucial at the intersection of policy and populus. Most fundamentally, design is the tool of communication. The form offered for your comprehension. From selecting different fonts for emphasis, legibility, or association, all the way to the shape of the medium, design is the gatekeeper of ideas.

As designers, we are uniquely equipped to facilitate the public sector. From education to agriculture, candidates to carbon emissions, designers – good designers – have an opportunity most don’t: to study and improve the vehicles of communication.

So, we’re holding this event for that purpose. We’re holding this event because we care. It’s not about Obama, or democratic party lines. This event is in the name of learning how the next batch of voters can be fully equipped and deeply invested. It’s just one way we can advocate design as a change-tool.

Sign up for this event here.

This is one of a series of posts in which we’ll attempt to define Creative Citizenship as it pertains to design. Watch this video to learn more about our partnership with Creative Citizenship Chattanooga.


Written by Jonathan Mansfield
AIGA Contributing Blogger
Creative Partner at D+J Brand Consulting.


By aigachattanooga
Published January 4, 2013
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