Member Spotlight
Layla Rapp

Tell us a little bit about how your senior year in school went! Anything you want to share about your thesis from the spring?

Senior year went by way too fast! I really tried to enjoy it and take it slow. My thesis focused on daily design practice and the processes I use. I tried to set aside time everyday to create things for myself. Between school and work there were a lot of deadlines, critiques. It is nice to just sit back and make something with no pressure.

We spoke a lot about your creative process together after the Portfolio Review. Can you walk us through your process of making and turning it digital?

My favorite projects are the ones that call for experimentation. Sometimes it means learning a new skill entirely, testing new materials and mediums, or playing to achieve the right texture. I worked on a branding project for Chattanooga Urbanists (CURB) recently, we were going for fun and young. I used paint to achieve the texture and mix the right colors. For a human-touch every element in the posters and logo are hand cut.

What has been your biggest challenge of this coming year. Have you made any progress?

This year I have worked on a lot of websites. It is equally as frustrating as it is rewarding, because there is so much to consider on the UX side and actually making it happen takes a long time.

Have you learned a new design skill lately?

I have been trying to tackle Adobe Muse and Dreamweaver. I work at a management development company and have been learning a lot more about the business side of things

Best design advice you’ve ever been given or would give?

Take good photos of your process work and final projects as they are happening. This goes for writing too, it is a lot easier to write about your work when it is fresh in your mind.

If not a designer, what would you be?

Elvis Presley impersonator/ Screen Printer/ The person that names nail polishes.

By aigachattanooga
Published October 11, 2018
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