Board Member Nominations

AIGA Chattanooga is looking to expand our board of directors as we continue to advance design as a professional craft, strategic advantage and vital cultural force. AIGA would not exist without passionate volunteers. Board members are volunteers as well, but as elected representatives of the chapter they have certain legal oversight of the chapter and its finances. Below are the roles and descriptions that are available for nomination. We are looking for candidates who are committed to advancing the value and impact of design- locally and globally- and also interested in working together to inspire, support, and learn from each other at every stage of their career.

If you have a drive to serve your design community, or know someone who would be a great candidate for leadership on our board, click here to nominate yourself or another.

Positions Available


The President sets the overall vision and direction of the chapter, strategically oversees its initiatives, and ensures the board successfully accomplishes its objectives.

Vice President & Secretary

The Vice President/Secretary oversees chapter process, procedures and protocol, maintains appropriate records of all chapter activities, and assists board committees as needed.

Director of Finance

The Finance director ensures the responsibility of managing the chapter’s assets, sets and oversees the annual budget and submits monthly finance reports to the board.

Director of Events & Programming (E&P)

The Events Director is responsible for the planning and implementation of recurring and annual events, as well as overseeing all members of the Events Committee.

Director of Membership

The Membership Director facilitates membership growth and retention by directing new membership campaigns, supporting active members, and recruiting new ones.

Director of Sponsorship & Development

The Development Director aids the growth of the chapter through fundraising and pursuit of sponsorship with outside organizations that provide financial and in-kind support for chapter programming and activities.

Directors of Communications

The Communications Directors group oversees the chapter’s content development and marketing strategy, including the development and implementation of all outbound communication materials.

  • Director of Content (PR & Copywriting)

    The Content Director oversees the development of unique written and filmed content for the chapter, leading a team of volunteers to develop the chapter’s voice in support of our events and initiatives. Those duties include writing content for email blasts, monthly newsletters, and sending out press releases to local publications when necessary.

  • Director of Social Media

    The Social Media Director ensures all social media channels of the chapter are regularly updated wth appropriate content, directly managing our team of social media volunteers.

  • Director of Website Management

    The Website Management Director oversees the day-to-day operation of the current chapter website, and is also responsible for the development and launch of a completely new chapter site.

Director of Education

The Education Director serves as the main connection of AIGA Chattanooga to students and educators, partnering with area schools in the community to advance the visibility of and awareness for AIGA’s role among young professionals.

Director of Media (Archivist)

The Media Director oversees the capture and creation of visual content, ensuring chapter events and programs are documented for promotional and educational purposes.


Ambassadors will embody AIGA’s mission to advance design in the community by elevating the public’s design literacy through promotion and representation of its core values. They will stay connected to the local AIGA leaders, build relationships with other communities, and share the issues, solutions, and impact design makes in our daily lives.

Junior Board Member

A high level volunteer that serves on committees under directors and helps with various activities with planning and facilitating events.

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